Sales from our doe kids this year helped us buy the beast for mowing and planting our pasture in forage.  The goats will love this....We will be adding a planter and disk in 2016 for planting...We hope to start using it as soon as it dries out some....

Many doe kids have left and are headed for the show ring.  Thank you to all our buyers...


We have added some color to our herd with this very young buck from Paula Parker.


Bred and born 2nd generation Doe at Rambo Ranch, We also have her daughter a 3rd generation bred and born doe who looks just like her...

The mission of Rambo Ranch Show Goats is to sell top quality show wethers and show goats that can win at major livestock shows.  Our wethers and does have won Grand and Reserve in multiple state.

  Show Wethers - proven Champions - County and Multiple States - Grand Champion Does - Winning Genetics 

Welcome to Rambo Ranch. We are both US Army Veterans and retired First Sergeant - E8, US Army.  We are located in Palacios, Texas. 

 We  are dedicated to providing Quality Winning Show Goats  with the genetics that perform and win in the show ring as well as on pasture at reasonable prices.  With years of experience in the US Army as a Veterinary Technician, and over 20  years experience  raising goats,  we strive to raise High Quality Show goats.  We follow a strict breeding standard when selecting our does and bucks.

 We plant our pasture with forage and they are required to maintain themselves.  A quality goat is not one that stands in front of a feed trough all day.....We don't chase papers, we select quality goats that perform on their own. You will never find any of our goats standing in front of a feed trough or being pen raised.

What a great pair.....

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6 Week old wether. SOLID AS A ROCK  Packed full of muscle.  Super wide chest and carries that width all the way through out his hips as well, smooth correct shoulders, correct legs, and packed full of  Muscle !



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